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Latest News Items

What's New & Other Stuff (13)
Judge Dan Sawyer Passes at 93

What's New & Other Stuff (12)
Bill Pearl Features Clarence on Facebook
Len Schwartz Is Back With Pan-X
In Search of The Lost Mojo Interviews Clarence
Ric Draisin Dies at 76
The Blond Bomber's Book Just Out
"History of Physical Culture" Recognizes Clarence
HeavyHands Is Back!
Rx Muscle Interviews Clarence

Clarence Spotlighted on Joe Rogan Podcast
Clarence Encores on Motivation & Muscle

Motivation & Muscle Interviews Clarence
Clarence Interviewed in 3 Venues - In One Week (YouTube, Isotopes Ballpark, Austin Mega Camp)
Clarence Interviewed on Training for Lifetime Fitness & Health
Tommy Kono Posthumously Inducted into Sports Hall of Fame
Why Full-Fat Milk is Booming
Austrian Podcast Interviews Clarence Again
Laszlo Photo of Clarence Exhibited

What's New & Other Stuff (11)
Clarence Joins Play-By-Play Broadcast
Mixed Results from Early Return to Cooper Clinic
Nutrition Professor and Consultant Interviews Clarence
European Podcast Interviews Clarence at 80
One Month Follow-Up on Nose Blockage - Significantly Improved
One Life Radio Has Clarence Back To Discuss The Longevity Plan
Clarence and Carol Attend Reunion for UNM Law Grads
Clarence Has Surgery to Correct Obstructed Nostril
One Life Radio Spotlights Clarence
Scientific Paper on Aging includes Photos of Clarence
Men's Health Calls Clarence "One of America's Greatest Fitness Visionaries"
Corporate Warrior Interviews Clarence
Men's Health to Profile Clarence

What's New & Other Stuff (10)
Bodybuilding Historian & Film Maker Tells His Story
Romanian Journalist Does Three-Part Interview with Clarence
Getting Fit in Memphis spotlights Clarence
Still Ripped and in FLEX
FLEX Interviews Clarence
Power-Quest Features Clarence - Again

What's New & Other Stuff (9)
Holly Kicks Off NM's All-Time Best Sports Month
Clarence Interviewed on Half Size Me

Clarence Joins in Active Aging Presentation
Our Visit to the Mecca of MMA
Clarence on Ric's Corner - Part 2
Clarence on Ric's Corner
Clarence does Encore on "Live Life Aggressively"
Concept 2 Introduces New Sprint Challenges!
Clarence Featured in Zane's Building The Body
Bill Kociaba interviews Clarence and Brooks Kubik together
Website Revision:   New Home Page and more
How I Train, for Zane
Tuft's Scientist to Study Clarence's Blood Chemistry over 30+ years
Power-Quest Features Clarence in 2014 Christmas-Special
Austin Conference reported in Iron Game History
Peak Testosterone Interviews Clarence

What's New & Other Stuff (8)
Clarence records spot for Upcoming Gallasch Documentary
Wikipedia Update
Blind Interview Magic
Qangl.com Names Clarence & Carol "Health Heroes" 

"Live Life Aggressively" features Clarence on weekly podcast 
Clarence Does Christmas Special - Interview with Austrian Power-Quest
Super Human Radio Interviews Clarence
Early Feedback on Take Charge Conference at UT Austin
Clarence Addresses 2013 ABQ Strength & Conditioning Conference
Conference Poster
Clarence talks fitness on John Aberle's Syndicated Radio Program--Twice
Join Us In Austin

What's New & Other Stuff (7)
What Readers Are Saying About Take Charge
Take Charge Up, Up and Away
Will Begin Shipping Take Charge on April 8
Take Charge Release Date April 1
Check Out Cover & Opening Sections of Take Charge
Take Charge Now in Composition
Take Charge Is Finished
About Our New Book - and More Photos at 75
A Week of Photos at 75
Great Expectations to be Published in German
Built to Last
Law Book Dedication
What's New: Charles Poliquin highlights lessons he has learned from Clarence
Ripped DVD Clips Now on YouTube

What's New & Other Stuff (6)
Forum Slam to Legends to Wikipedia
Heavyhands, Scooby, and Clarence Bass
Jurgen Interviews Clarence 4th Time
News Release:  Ageless/Timeless Features Clarence
Learn Clarence's age 75 goal
Reality-Based Fitness Interviews Clarence
Clarence on Growing Bolder & Entrepreneurial Excellence Radio Shows
Martial Arts Illustrated Interviews Clarence
Jurgen Posts New Interview with Clarence
Video of Clarence and Carol on You Tube
Bare Essentials, An Aussie magazine for "Women of Action," interviews Clarence
Jurgen and Clarence discuss Great Expectations for European audience
Wide World of Health Interviews Clarence
NPR Interviews Clarence on Uniform Eating

What's New & Other Stuff (5)
New Mexico magazine features Clarence
Resurfacing Site Adds Clarence's Story

Journalist Visits to Interview Clarence for Upcoming Book
Listen-in as Clarence Is Interviewed on 70th Birthday

Iron Man Magazine Interviews Clarence--Again
Albuquerque Weekly Interviews Clarence

What's New & Other Stuff (4)
Pavel Dedicates Book to Clarence
Clarence in Textbook on Aging--Again
Ronnie's Ray's BIG PARTY

What's New & Other Stuff (3) 
Clarence Speaks to MBA Students at Univ. of Texas
Clarence Receives Award and Painting at AOBS 20th Reunion--Addresses Banquet
Clarence to Receive AOBS Highest Achievement Award
Former Fat Guy Interviews Clarence

What's New & Other Stuff (2)
Clarence Receives Honorary I. A. R. T. Certification
Clarence Receives Outstanding Graduate Award
Pavel Visits Albuquerque
Clarence Gets Coverage on Home Turf
In a Word
Tough Reviewer Gives Challenge Yourself Five Stars
Muscle & Fitness Lauds Challenge Yourself
Packers' Coach Confers with Clarence
Clarence makes the cover!
University of New Mexico Honors Clarence Among 100 "UNM BEST"
Date Set for Video Shoot
Ripped Revisited by Ironman
Video Scheduled for Filming

Ripped Crosses Rare Milestone
Laszlo in Town for Visit and KB Workout















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