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                                                                                                                   The Lean Advantage series of books by Clarence Bass








































The Lean Advantage books may be purchased individually or if you purchase them as a set, all three books may be purchased for $30.00 (almost a $17.00  savings + $6.70 priority shipping USA or $4.60 media shipping (USA). We do not ship internationally.  International orders please see Amazon which carries our books

The Lean Advantage, $15.95 + $4.60 shipping media class or $6.70 priority USA only (195 pages)

The "Ripped Department" was the longest-running column in the world's leading bodybuilding magazine. It enthralled the readers of Muscle & Fitness (over seven million worldwide) continuously for 15 years (until mid-1996). The column - it's usually in question and answer form - deals with losing fat, gaining muscle and getting fit in a healthy way.

No ordinary column, the "Ripped Department," written by attorney and bodybuilder Clarence Bass (called by Dr. Richard Winett in Ironman magazine "one of the fittest men in the country") has always been interesting and thought provoking. The approach is honest, straight-forward and often personal. The column is always well researched and readers say it oozes common sense.

So if you're stuck, tired of wasting your time and don't know where to go for advice look to The Lean Advantage books. Learn what Clarence Bass has learned over 40 years of athletic training in multiple sports. These information-packed, inspirational columns are grouped by subject matter and collected in three books. Taken together the books, 155 columns in all, are a virtual encyclopedia of bodybuilding, fitness, health and longevity, and fat loss.

Readers agree: these books contain a nugget of valuable advice on every page. (See description of books' contents below.)

The Lean Advantage 2, $15.95 + $4.60 shipping media class or $6.70 priority USA (239 pages).

Here are just a few of the timely columns assembled in The Lean Advantage books:

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The Lean Advantage: One of the most popular chapters in this first book is on a subject of interest to almost everyone: developing a well-defined waistline. Additional columns deal with Leanness and Lifespan, Loose Skin, Home Versus Gym Training, Curing Burnout, Fear of Fat, Alcohol and Weight Control, Motivation, Overtraining, The Results of Diet Without Exercise, and much more.

The Lean Advantage 2: How The Lean Eat, Keeping Age At Bay, The Cholesterol Puzzle, Fat Genes, Fathers and Sons, Liposuction, Cellulite, Machines Vs. Free Weights, Coffee Update, The Comfort Factor, Another Look At Red Meat, Training Partners and 39 additional columns.

The Lean Advantage 3, $16.95 + $4.60 shipping media class or $6.70 priority USA (214 pages)

The Lean Advantage 3: What's Your Bodyfat? Thin Calories, Never Stay Hungry, Cross Training, Gauging Fat-Burning Pace, Pulse Monitors, What's Brown Fat?, the Joy of Getting Lean, The Growing Edge, Weights & Lifestyle, Stair Climbing Machines, The Fitness Payoff, You've Got The Power.

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USA:  $30.00 + $6.70 ($36.70) priority shipping USA; or $30.00 + 4.60 ($34.60) media shipping USA; New Mexico residents must add tax.  Please call or e-mail for instructions.
We do not ship internationally.  International orders please use Amazon which carries our books.

If you have questions before ordering, or would like to order these books individually or with other books please call 1-505-266-5858
or e-mail : 
Questions about Lean Advantage series

If you are interested in seeing the prices on all the books offered by our company go to the ORDERING page


3 Lean Advantage Books + shipping


Readers Say

"I picked up the Lean Advantage at a used bookstore and I must tell you I'm getting immediate results; I mean within hours of altering my diet!  I sound sensationalistic because I really can't believe how fast my body is changing.  I was under the impression that carbs were "out" these days and protein and high-supplementation was "in".  I immediately changed my eating habits lock-stock and barrel and voila!  Fat loss!!!!  As we say in Texas, "Damn straight!"

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