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Clarence Joins Play-by-Play Broadcast

Clarence was surprised and delighted to be invited by Mike Capps to join him in the play-by-place broadcast of a baseball game between the Albuquerque Isotopes and the Round Rock Express. Capps has been broadcasting Round Rock Express games since 2000. His team is the Triple-A affiliate of the Texas Rangers based in Round Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin.

Capps has done it all in broadcasting, working in both TV and radio. While at CNN, he covered the Gulf War as well as the Waco Siege, which garnered him an Emmy nomination and a CableAce Award. Also a former college athlete, he has run 22 marathons and 3 fifty milers, and is still sprinting and lifting. He's also a regular visitor of our website. We've been exchanging emails since 2014, but this was to be our first face-to-face meeting.

Scheduled to be in Albuquerque with his team, he inquired whether Clarence would be interested in joining him in the broadcast booth to talk about fitness between pitches and inning. It would be a three hours commitment. Clarence hesitated at first, but gave in when Capps explained how it would work--and offered to have Uber pick up him and Carol and then take them home after the game. The Uber offer didn't work out but it was the tipping point and Clarence committed to join in the broadcast booth.

Capps had not heard that Terry Todd had died and wanted to pass on the bad news to his Austin audience, Terry's home base. That established a connection with Clarence and opened the door to talk about the Stark Center and Terry's pivotal role in the rise of strength coaching in baseball and other sports. After that it was talk about the importance of exercise and healthy living in every strata of life.

 Isotopes field is immaculately groomed--a sight to behold.

Mike's expertise as a play-by-play broadcaster was apparent from the minute we entered the broadcast booth. In the process of finishing up the first game of the double header, he was painting a word picture of everything unfolding before him for his Austin audience. We knew we were sharing the booth with a consummate professional. We were in very good hands.

Clarence and Mike Capps in the broadcast booth.

Mike gave Clarence a couple of innings to get the rhythm of the game and then began the interview. The discussion was a bit bifurcated, but they managed to cover an amazing range of health and fitness related topics. Clarence was happy with his part and Mike Capps seemed pleased as well.

 Clarence and Mike smiling for Carol's camera.

We walked out of the booth knowing we had had a wonderful opportunity to introduce ourselves to a new audience.

Thank you, Mike. We enjoyed sharing the booth with you.

September 1, 2018

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Mixed Results from Early Return to Cooper Clinic

Clarence returned to the Cooper Clinic in 8 months rather that his usual 18 months--to see how he is doing without a statin.

After 20 years of excellent results from a low dose statin and healthy living, Clarence was forced by side-effects to test the water with lifestyle alone. Preliminary results are good, but not as good as with the statin. His lipid profile went from almost perfect to pretty good. HDL "good" cholesterol and triglycerides were unchanged, but LDL "bad" cholesterol was up substantially.

His Cholesterol/HDL ratio remains "quite healthy," Dr. McFarlin wrote in his preliminary summary of results.

Taking a leaf out of The Healing Self by Chopra and Tanzi, you might say that 20 years of excellent results from statins--and lifestyle--will keep his coronary arteries wide open for many more years than would be the case without the statin. The decades of statin therapy have very likely created a coronary artery reserve.

Dr. John Ho, whose CT angiogram tests have shown Clarence's coronary arteries to be "very large," summed it up: "After all, he's not going to live another 50 years." We interpret that to mean that regular exercise, healthy eating, and purposeful living will likely keep him going strong for many years to come.

We'll have an expanded piece in our June update when we'll have the full report from Dr. McFarlin.

May 1, 2018

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Nutrition Professor & Consultant Interviews Clarence

Christine Rosenbloom, PhD, RD, Fand, has wanted to be a dietitian since the age of 13 and has fulfilled her dream beyond all reasonable expectations. She worked as a clinical dietitian in cardiac rehabilitation before joining the faculty at Georgia State University, where she taught, conducted research, and served in leadership positions over a span of 30 years. She has been a private consultant since 2010, providing a wide range of nutrition consulting services, from speaking to professional and consumer audiences to writing research and review papers for peer-reviewed journals.

She contacted us last month asking to use photos from our website in a presentation to other dietitians on food and fitness after 50. She followed up by interviewing Clarence for her blog. It was a wide ranging interview filled with details about Clarence's philosophy of diet and training. Unlike most interviews she took notes rather than recording the conversation.

A week later she sent us a copy of her post: Food & Fitness After 50: Clarence Bass, an Example of Lifelong Commitment to Food & Fitness. She must not only take short hand, but have an amazing memory and comprehension of the subject matter. She has captured Clarence and his lifestyle wonderfully well. She has done an excellent job of photo selection and explaining the key concepts that have driven Clarence's 65 years of healthy eating and fitness training. She even put one of his ways of staying motivated to work in her own exercise routine.

This link will take you to her blog and what she wrote about Clarence in a post dated February 27, 2018: https://chrisrosenbloom.com/fit-to-eat-blog/

March 1, 2018

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European Podcast Interviews Clarence at 80

Austrian sports climber Jurgen Reis visited with us in 2007, the same year that he and strength expert and sports reporter Dominik Feischl launched what has become Europe's most ambitious fitness podcast. Power-Quest.cc has averaged a new podcast every five days since then. Seems impossible but these guys have energy coming out their ears.

Jurgen combs the world for interesting sports personalities to interview. We told him about Bill Pearl and he was interviewing the great man in a matter of weeks. Not easy because Pearl only does selected interviews.

This was their 10th interview of Clarence.

As soon as we posted photos of Clarence at 80, Jurgen was on us to do another interview. We wondered what was left for them to talk about. No worries. Jurgen did his homework and focused on the two years since the last interview on December 2, 2015.

Interestingly, there was a mix up on the day when Jurgen would call. Clarence got back from his morning walk to find that Jurgen was on the phone. So without a moment of preparation, Clarence took off his coat and did the interview.

Jurgen inquired about life on the eve of Clarence's ninth decade. He focused on new events in Clarence's life--such as his new hip and straightened nose--and the interview was over before we knew it.

The main news is that nothing much had changed, as shown by Clarence's everyday photos from 75 to 80. If you didn't know better, you'd thing all of the photos were taken on the same day. Clarence's body composition is essentially unchanged.

Most of the interview focuses on how that was accomplished.

To learn about that and more, log on to the interview, which will be # 643: http://power-quest.cc/

We haven't listened to the podcast as this is being written--it's scheduled to go online December 31--but the introduction is in German. You will have to fast forward to the interview in English. (Jurgen tells us that the interview begins at 10 minutes and runs for about 35 minutes.)

You can read more about Jurgen Reis on our Fitness Personalities page: http://www.cbass.com/JurgenReis.htm

Jurgen sends us photos regularly. Here's a recent one taken during a break in a climbing workout. You'll be hard put to find an ounce of fat on his body. He's muscle and bone--and endless energy

Jurgen Reis


January 1, 2018

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One Month Follow-up: Nose Blockage Significantly Improved

The splints used to straighten Clarence's nose were removed at one week. The surprise was their length. Carol couldn't believe her eyes as the medical assistant slowly slipped them out one at a time. Barely visible from the outside, they were as long as your index finger!

Clarence was able to breathe normally for the first time in memory. "I'm a new man," he announced to the surgeon who came in a few minutes later.

His elation was short lived, evaporating when the doctor warned him that swelling was part of the healing process and would temporarily restrict his air flow once again. The one-month follow-up showed that some swelling remains and that it may be another month before his "New Man" status returns to stay.

The good news is that the benefits are already apparent. Fitbit shows that Clarence is sleeping an average of about 8 hours a night. Up to 9 hours on occasion. Something he hasn't experienced since his teen years.

Research suggests that other benefits may follow as the flow of oxygen to his brain is equalized.

The doctor who recommended that Clarence have his nose blockage corrected no longer does surgery, but once did 10 or 15 such procedures a week. Patients have told him that their running times were substantially improved. The doctor who did Clarence's surgery won't confirm that, but wouldn't rule it out. Our feeling is that a more even air flow can only help.

A study from India, published on line February 17, 2015, found that correction of septal deviation significantly reduced the blood pressure of subjects with untreated hypertension. The researchers concluded that abnormal airflow can play a role in hypertension. "Patients should therefore be encouraged to undergo septal correction for the prevention of cardio-pulmonary complications secondary to hypertension," the researchers wrote.

It seems clear that correcting nasal airway obstruction can influence overall bodily function.

Without question it improves quality of life.

November 1, 2017

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One Life Radio Has Clarence Back to Discuss The Longevity Plan

On the morning of the day Clarence was to be on the program for the second time (see below for the first time), executive producer Lexi Brinkley asked if there was anything new he would like to discuss. We referred her to our October feature article on The Longevity Plan, a book by cardiologist John Day about the lessons he learned living with and studying villagers in China who remain healthy and productive into their nineties and even 100 or more.

What we didn't know was that Dr. Day and his wife Jane had already been on the show to discuss their book. While a bit of a surprise--Clarence learned of it at the beginning of his segment--it was good news. It allowed him to focus on portions of the book he found most meaningful on a personal basis. 

After a brief summary of what the book is about, Clarence talked about the importance of having a positive mind-set and finding a rhythm of life that keeps you productive--and healthy. Telling about his own experience, it makes for stimulating conversation, with the bubbly personality of moderator Bernadette Fiaschetti keeping the energy level high.

Here's the link to listen to the segment, which begins about 12 minutes into the program:


November 1, 2017

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Clarence and Carol Attend Brunch Reunion for UNM Law Grads

The gathering was held at the home of Dean Sergio Pareja and his wife Professor Mary Leto Pareja. You might call it a reunion of survivors, because only six grads attended. Co-Dean Alfred Mathewson and Director of the Alumni Relations Melissa Lobato rounded out the gathering.

Clarence was the only member of the class of 1962 to attend. Surprisingly, the class of 1957 was out in force with four grads in attendance. The class of 1967 also mustered only one attendee.

Distance and circumstances prevented some from attending, but old age has apparently caught up with many of the others.

The small group made it possible to catch up with everyone. It allowed us to research most of the attendees beforehand and mix in a way that is rare for gatherings of this type. It was a meaningful experience.

Dean Pareja briefed the gathering on the current status of UNM Law. A small professor-to-student ratio and relatively low tuition make it one of the most appealing law schools in the nation.

Everyone also had the opportunity to tell law school stories and what they are doing currently. Clarence was the only one to embark on a career in fitness.

In the photo below Dean Mathewson is on the far left and Dean Pareja is in the red shirt. Clarence is in running flats.

November 1, 2017

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Clarence Had Surgery to Correct an Obstructed Nostril

Clarence has had a deviated septum perhaps going back to his days of wrestling in high school. The blockage has grown to about 80% in his right nostril and began to disrupt his sleep. Apparently this is a fairly common problem and easily corrected.

He had surgery a few days ago to straighten the septum and reduce the enlarged turbinates inside his nose. The surgery went well with no pain, but some discomfort afterward due to drainage and swelling during the healing process. He will see the doctor next week to remove the splints and any clots which may have formed.

It should be smooth sailing after that. He is looking forward to being able to breath normally once again.

The doctor who recommended the surgery is a long time friend and tells Clarence that his brain will love the even flow of oxygen which will result. We can't wait for the magic to begin.

October 1, 2017

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One Life Radio Spotlights Clarence

As the name suggests, One Life Radio is dedicated to helping listeners live life to the fullest. Bernadette Fiaschetti and her crew read about Clarence in Men's Health and wanted to spread the word about 79 being the new 29.

They have an amazing variety of guests and experts on their hour-long live broadcasts and follow-on podcasts.

Bernadette is a success in business, philanthropy, and parenting--and walks her talk. Co-host and executive producer Lexi Brinkley is on the same path with degrees in broadcast journalism and business management. Danny Miles is the male member of the team.

Listening to several of their podcasts shows them to be high-energy and skilled broadcasters. You can see why they have listeners across the country and subscribers around the world, along with an impressive list of sponsors.

We were excited for Clarence to be on the show!

While sandwiched between an expert on human growth hormone (HGH) and a women explaining the YouTube family vlog phenomenon, Clarence was the headliner plugged throughout the hour long program.

Clarence has been invited to be a regular on the show, perhaps appearing one Monday a month. Nothing definite at this time.

To listen to the July 10 podcast: https://www.oneliferadio.com/july-10th-hgh-clarence-bass-vloggers

August 1, 2017

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Scientific Paper on Aging Features Photos of Clarence

Professor Hirofumi Tanaka's paper "Aging of Competitive Athletes," just published in the journal Gerontology, includes photos of Clarence at 15, 40, 60, 70, and 79. Tanaka, Director of the Cardiovascular Aging Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, studies aging competitive athletes as models of successful aging. He has published over 250 research articles in this area.

"From the scientific standpoint, examining Masters athletes can provide insight into preventive gerontology, primary prevention of age-related diseases and dysfunctions, and exercise-based medical practices," he wrote in the abstract of his new paper. "Moreover, the study on Masters athletes is simply joyous and entertaining as they often remind us what can be possible in aging," he continued. For the full text of the abstract: https://www.karger.com/Article/FullText/477722

You'll have to pay to see the photos of Clarence and read the paper. It's well worth it.

A highlight is Tanaka's comparison of naked mole rats and Masters athletes.

These rodents demonstrate extraordinary longevity and the ability to avoid cancerous tumors at any age. They do not demonstrate age-associated arterial stiffening. They are able to maintain muscular strength and function, bone density, and sexual functions until very close to death. At a tender old age that is equivalent to a human age of 92 years, naked mole rats display unchanged levels of physical activity. A human population that can get closest to naked mole rats and their aging process would be Masters athletes.

Our thanks to Professor Tanaka for sharing photos of Clarence with the scientific community. 

July 1, 2017

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Men's Health Magazine Calls Clarence

"One of America's Greatest Fitness Visionaries"

Article and Photos Now Online

The June issue of Men's Health hit the newsstands in the last weeks of May with a wide-ranging article profiling Clarence. One of a seven-part feature called "Generations," the five-page piece begins on page 126. The title is "79 is the New 29."

Nick Heil (see below) did a wonderful job capturing what Clarence is about, with humor and flair. Our only complaint is that the painting of Clarence by Tim O'Brien gives him white hair. What hair he does have is not white.

The magazine uses eight photos of Clarence to create a time-line of discovery spanning 58 years. At 17, he won the state pentathlon championship by being the only weight trained competitor. At 30, he was one of the first to recognize the value of aerobics for weight trainers. At 36, he began a lifetime habit of tracking his body composition. At 41, he abandoned the traditional volume approach to bodybuilding for Arthur Jones' brief, hard and infrequent method. At 51, he coined "The Ownership Principle" which says best results come from methods we choose for our self. At 53, he discovered that the Concept 2 Rower mimics Olympic lifting, and worked himself up to fourth in the world for his age group. At 72, he created a 10 minute "Morning Motion" routine to preserve muscles and joints. At 75, he began counting his steps for motivation and to speed recovery.

Clarence has never stopped trying to improve. "The best times in life are when you're struggling toward a difficult goal," he told Men's Health.

Heil tells about training and eating with Clarence, and queries fitness stalwarts Ellington Darden, Dan John, and Mark Peterson, PhD, a professor of physical medicine at the University of Michigan, about Clarence and his contributions.

"If abs are made in the kitchen, then Mr. Ripped's abs are made by his wife," Nick quips, referring to the bean-vegetable mixtures and salads Carol makes fresh for him every week.

There's plenty more.

As you might expect from a men's magazine, the article ends with a few paragraphs on drugs and sex.

Pick up the June issue and let us know what you think.

June 1, 2017

Read the entire article, including the painting and photos, online: http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/79-is-the-new-29

July 1, 2017

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Corporate Warrior Interviews Clarence

At 95 minutes, this may be the longest and most focused single interview Clarence has done.

UK Based, Corporate Warrior covers "Health, Business and Time Optimisation." Just what the doctor ordered for the thoughtful trainer with a life outside the gym.

"I created this website for busy people who are looking to get fit, build lean muscle, and burn body fat using evidence-based exercise that is safe, efficient, and highly effective," founder Lawrence Neal explains. "In addition, I provide personal development and time management advice to help busy people achieve maximum results in their careers, business, and personal lives."

Perhaps more than any other interviewer, Neal called on Clarence to talk about big picture concepts that make training work over a lifetime. Instead of talking sets and reps, Clarence zeroed in on concepts such as overload, rest--and enjoyment. Bottom line topics you don't often hear discussed on fitness podcasts.

The show notes suggest the quality and depth of the podcast. The scope is the most comprehensive we've seen. Beginning with a pithy one sentence synopsis of the interview and a full page photo of Clarence at 70, the notes outline Clarence's background, provide contact information, list topics covered (with the location to the minute and second), selected links, people mentioned, and related podcasts.

Lawrence Neal (shown here) goes the extra mile to provide his audience with the tools to dig deeper into every topic covered. "My audience seem to derive a lot of value from the blog posts so why not" he responded to our praise of his extraordinary efforts.

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Neal

Our thanks to Lawrence for allowing Clarence to help him advance his mission.

Check it out. You won't be disappointed. The show notes alone are a treasure chest of information. 

Here's the link: http://www.15minutecorporatewarrior.com/podcast/clarence-bass/

May 1, 2017

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Men's Health to Profile Clarence

Men's Health, the premiere general-interest health and fitness publication with 1.5 million readers in the USA and 12 million readers worldwide, is planning to profile Clarence in an upcoming issue. Fitness and health journalist and author Nick Heil spent several days with us last month. He interviewed Clarence on a wide range of topics and worked out with him twice. The first was a foothills workout with Clarence and Carol and the second a full-body strength workout with Clarence in our home gym. He also visited our office, which houses our mail order business, Clarence's office, and a fully equipped weight gym. He took photos with his cell phone everywhere he went.

Heil is the second mainstream journalist to explore our lifestyle in depth. (The first was Lee Bergquist for his book SECOND WIND: The Rise of the Ageless Athlete, published in 2009.) Nick has been covering health and fitness for a variety of outlets for more than 15 years. He was a senior editor at Outside magazine from 1999 to 2006. He is also the author of DARK SUMMIT: The True Story of Everest's Most Controversial Season (Henry Holt, 2008). He has worked as a climbing and skiing instructor, and has traveled extensively in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Just short of 50, Nick is in good shape at about 6 feet tall and 190 pounds. He more than kept up with us in the foothills and matched Clarence on most movements in the weight workout. He now makes his home up the road from us in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We don't know what Heil will write--or when it will appear. He warns us that it could be as much as a year before the profile appears. We can tell you that we enjoyed having Nick with us. He's a good listener and seemed to enjoy learning how we live.

We found this photo of Nick on Google. He looks younger in person.

For examples of Nick's writing: http://nickheil.com/writing/  You'll be impressed, as we were.

December 1, 2016

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