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Health Fitness Leanness Without Suffering
 By Clarence Bass









































Encouragement, a reviewer wrote, is at the heart of Clarence Bass’ new book. Clarence discovered that he could look as good at 70 as he did much earlier and encourages readers to have the same great expectations for themselves—at 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, and beyond. In Great Expectations, he provides both the example and the science to show that the body will keep responding to the demands of sensible training far longer than most people think possible.

You do not have to get weaker and fatter as you age. Clarence has kept training and challenging himself. You can judge the results for yourself on our training pictorial page, which show him from 15 to 80. GO

Vibrant health, fitness, and leanness are there for those who choose to train, eat, and live well. What’s more, suffering is not required or even helpful. To be truly successful over the long term you must enjoy your training, diet and exercise. The details (how and why) are in Great Expectations.

Great Expectations is 163 pages (plus an 11 page preface), paperback, 9 X 6, 224 pages, $24.95 +$4.60 ($29.55)  media shipping in USA or $24.95 + $6.70 ($31.65) priority mail shipping in USA.  For shipping on multiple items call or e-mail (see below). 


 New Mexico Book Awards Recognize Great Expectations

The New Mexico Book Awards is an annual competition to recognize the best books written or published in or about New Mexico and the Southwest. In 2008, there were 250 entries from as far away as New York in 34 categories. After review by at least 3 of 68 judges, 81 finalists and 37 winners were announced. Great Expectations was one of three finalists in the Health Book category. The other finalist was The Stranger Comes at Sundown: Living and Dying with Parkinson's Disease. The winner was a beautifully designed, full color book called Working Like Dogs: The Service Dog Guidebook.

We were privileged and pleased to be a finalist against such worthy competition. The New Mexico Book Co-op called the competition "extremely stiff."

*  *  *

For more about Great Expectations, read the reviews by Becky Holman, wife of Iron Man magazine Editor in Chief Steve Holman, researcher and health psychologist Richard Winett, PhD, and sports-health-and-fitness writer Greg Sushinsky: GO REVIEWS.

What Readers Are Saying

I have always been puzzled as to what made up a serving of fruit, etc. Thanks to your book it doesn't matter to me any more. Now, I try to eat mostly vegetables, fruit, and whole grains with protein added instead of vice versa. I have lost 14 pounds of fat this year, my blood pressure and cholesterol are good, and my workout schedule has greatly improved. Thanks you again for the book and its wonderful information. Randy E, Albuquerque, NM

Clarence Bass gives the reader a view into a great, strong positive and healthy future. Now, for me, being like him at this age is more then a goal – it is a great vision and I will set all my energy for it! Jürgen Reis, Austrian Worldcup Sport Climber and Author of the four German sports books: Das Peak-Prinzip, Peak Power, Peak-Time and Power-Quest

Great Expectations reveals Clarence's latest insights regarding eating, training and motivating oneself. With this book, Clarence continues the tradition he has established of informing and motivating the trainee with approaches to diet and exercise that really work. Artie Drechsler, author of The Weightlifting Encyclopedia and President, The Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen

What a great book! Certainly, you have reversed the aging process and are reaping benefits from it. Kenneth H. Cooper, MD, MPH, Founder of the Cooper Clinic and co-author of Start Strong, Finish Strong (Avery, 2007)

Clarence Bass reminds me of Russian health and fitness superstar academician Nikolay Amosov. The latter's words would have made a great forward for Great Expectations:  “So, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the experiment continues! We are pushing pessimism back. Limits for old men are abolished. Life is a pretty good thing after all.” Pavel Tsatsouline, author of Super Joints and Enter the Kettlebell!

Great Expectations is an outstanding source of information on health, fitness and leanness. Most importantly it's all sensible information, and this veteran of the bodybuilding community has found much "new" information....Vic Boff would certainly have given it his highest endorsement. Your friend, Tom Minichiello

Your new book gave me less of what I had expected (details and specifics) and more of what I needed (motivation, encouragement, philosophy). I am preparing to get into the best shape of my life as I approach 50 (in 2009); reading your book is part of this process. I'm looking forward to 2028, when at age 90 you write "Pretty Much What I Expected." Jeff Wiese

Overall, I think the book is great, has some excellent new info, new experiences which become mine and provoke new thinking, training etc, and further solidify your reputation as a gold standard in health and fitness. The cover photo is artistically brilliant and provocative...not in terms of the nudity but the juxtaposition of the shadow, the highly developed body, sense of age and reflection in your expression....provokes a lot of thinking....that photo in black and white could win an award. Wade Smith, M.D., Orthopaedic surgeon 

 I was amazed how much I learned by reading this book even after my over forty years in the Iron Game. Especially how to live a longer healthier life and retain strength without suffering through long strenuous workouts. Your advice on prostate health and overcoming all the problem associated with hip surgery was priceless. I even placed an order for a Glute-Ham Developer after reading about your experience with it. In my opinion this book should be on the shelf of every trainee, young and old. Osmo Kiika, Publisher of The Iron Master

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Great Expectations Book:
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