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 (Note special price when ordering more than one Ripped DVDs: SPECIAL: All 3 DVDs for $94.95 + $7.35 priority shipping  OR 2 DVDs for $62.95 + $7.35 shipping)    For shipping on multiple items (book and DVDs) call or e-mail (see below).  Shipping in USA only.  We do not ship internationally.

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Ripped, The DVD with Clarence Bass

This DVD, our first, complements our eight books, demonstrating things people have asked about, things that are difficult to explain adequately in a book. Clarence shares the knowledge gained from his lifetime quest for improvement, including: preparation of the famous "Old Reliable" breakfast, using a training diary to stay motivated, real-time demonstrations of athletic-type lifting, high-intensity aerobics, and lower ab and oblique training, what to eat after a workout, why a bedtime snack is a good idea, and how to track changes in body fat. Plus, you’ll see Clarence posing and much more. 

People who’ve read all of our books say they learned a great deal from listening to Clarence and seeing him in action. Whether or not you’ve read the books, you’ll enjoy and benefit from watching RIPPED, The DVD. Remember, you can always improve!


Running time 89 minutes, $34.95 + $7.35 priority shipping or $4.60 media shipping. See special price below for all 3 DVDs. 

The Second RIPPED DVD: Workouts, Photo Shoot and Conversations

The second RIPPED DVD takes up where the first leaves off, adding a whole-body weight workout, interval workouts on the treadmill and the rower, behind the scenes at a photo shoot, along with a series of conversations with Clarence: The Ripped Story, diet and weight training, aerobics for fitness and fat loss, and health and longevity. 

After watching Clarence explain and demonstrate pulls, squats, and ab and oblique exercises on the first video, many people wanted to see a complete weight workout--and here it is fully explained and demonstrated in real time. The interval workouts complement those in the first video, adding work/rest variations for building endurance and strength. A photo shoot is a great way to record progress. In what we believe to be a "first," we take you behind the scenes to show how it’s done. Finally, the conversations introduce the action segments and explain core concepts. As in the first DVD, you’ll find some surprises at end, including special footage of Clarence receiving the AOBS Vic Boff Lifetime Achievement Award.                                                                                   



Running time 97 minutes, $34.95 + $7.35 priority shipping or $4.60 media ship. See below for savings on price and shipping for all 3 DVDs. 




The principles discussed and illustrated here are the ones that have kept Clarence training to improve long after many others have lapsed into maintenance training or given up altogether.

Completely different, out third DVD is about motivation, the sine qua non of all successful training efforts. No worthwhile fitness goal can be achieved without motivation. Using real life stories, we show you how to stay motivated year after year. 

Wayne and Tina Gallasch and Clarence tell inspiring stories about themselves and their motivation. Wayne's story is about competition, the ultimate motivator. Wayne transformed himself from a fitness buff, lifting weights in his basement, to the world's best indoor rower at 500 meters for his age and weight. Clarence explains why personal achievement is the best motivator and how trying to keep up with Wayne almost sidelined him. Tina tells how discovering, to her great surprise, that she enjoyed indoor rowing and lifting converted her from a couch potato to an avid trainer. 

Includes exciting action footage, rowing and lifting. Wayne shows his superb form in the squat and deadlift, and demonstrates the ultimate in motivation by doing the best 500-meter time recorded for his age and weight in 2004. Clarence squats and illustrates proper goal orientation by doing a personal best in the 200-meter row. Tina lifts and shows her serious resolve on the rower

Running time 53 minutes, $34.95 + $7.35 priority shipping or $4.60 media shipping 



USA shipping only: All 3 DVDs for $94.95 + $6.70 ($101.65) priority shipping;

3 Ripped DVDs

or USA shipping only: 2 DVDs for $62.95 + $6.70 ($69.65) priority shipping:

2 Ripped DVD

or USA shipping only 1 DVD for $34.95 + 4.60 media shipping or $34.95 + $6.70 priority shipping (Tell us which of the three DVD's you want during the ordering process under "instruction to the seller"

1 Ripped DVD



Review of DVD #1 and viewer feedback on 1, 2 & 3 below :

  Vince McConnell Reviews RIPPED, The DVD for Dolfzine - Go Review

   Greg Sushinsky Reviews THE THIRD RIPPED DVD: MOTIVATION - Go Review


Feedback on First Ripped DVD

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful video.  I have all of your books and while I have learned a great deal from them, there was something about seeing all of the words in action.  I enjoyed the video and learned a great deal.
               Jerry, Pennsylvania

The video was just like all of your books - GREAT!!  I really enjoyed the footage of your training sessions.  Watching you do the exercises is better than just reading about it in the books.
               Bruce, Florida

Your video is a grand-slam home run.  I've already watched two times.  I liked the opening showing the "old reliable."  Clarence looks tremendous in the posing section.  I'll be getting straps for that ab exercise.  My overall reaction? Unbelievable.
               Tom, Boston

 I think you did a wonderful job of covering everything and it gave those of us who haven't had the chance, the opportunity to meet you and see what a truly unpretentious person you are. 
                 S, Chicago

You explain things methodically and slowly. You show people exactly what you mean by showing the entire workout including warm ups. Many need this sort of comprehensive attention. They need to get a feel for what a real workout is. This you have given them without compromise.
                  Louis, Washington

For me, the Video provided an opportunity to actually "study" a couple of techniques I was not completely understanding. I tried what I thought was the Tabata protocol. After watching the Video, I did exactly as you explained. What a difference? That was yesterday afternoon and I am still tired, but I am enjoying the equipment and workout far more. I also particularly enjoyed learning the unusual ab exercises and your advice on warm up sets. I have been doing too many sets and reps.  I'll make those adjustments based on what I learned from the Video.
                    Rick, Pennsylvania 

There's no better way to really learn something than having someone -- a master -- show you. When people see you squat and do those pulling movements, they will understand how your training has evolved and why those are movements you do only once a week.
                    Dick, Virginia

Just got the video the other day-Awesome!! I've watched it already 3 times. Very informative, and I like that is not all Hollywood production -- you seem like you're talking to me one to one.  The Olympic lifting movements are worth the whole video!!
                      Scott, Salt Lake City, Utah

I received your video as a gift from my training partner of almost 20 years. My wife and I watched it last night and were impressed with the comprehensive nature in which the material was presented. Good work Clarence (and Carol).
                      Mike, Springfield, Illinois

Look out, Jack LaLanne!  You should have your own exercise TV show!  It was like training right along with you in your gym and having breakfast with you in your kitchen.  
                       Dallas, California

Just received your terrific new video. My 21 yr old son and I sat right down and watched. It sure motivated us to pay more attention to the details of diet, aerobics, and lifting! A fantastic work to complement "Challenge Yourself" and "Ripped" which I've read previously. And I really enjoyed the personal service and nice conversation while making my phone order! Thanks so much for the inspiration -- you've started our new year out right!  
                      John, Pennsylvania

Gosh, the video is outstanding!!!   I've watched it 3 times now, and Wow, it's loaded with info and very well done......I was very impressed!!    I especially loved the last 2-3 minutes of the video....the out-takes and the humor was a great way to finish.
                      Tony, Wisconsin

I was most impressed with the posing segment.  Incredible condition for a man of any age!
                      Steve, New Jersey

Your precise narration and unhurried demonstrations has resulted in a video that will benefit not only advanced but beginners as well.
                       John, Colorado

My wife and I sat down immediately after dinner and spent the next 90 minutes watching the video. We actually remembered your kitchen from your books.  I particularly enjoyed the clear explanation of the Tabata Intervals and have started to incorporate them into my workout. The whole video was very educational and very professional.  As a fan of Ripped Enterprises for over 20 years, I would like to thank you for the time and effort that went into this video, we truly enjoyed it.
                         Bill and Maureen, Pennsylvania 

I really learned a lot from the video, watched it at least six times, the first thing I am going to do is cycle my training, start keeping training diaries and probably hardest of all for me is to change my eating habits, but I have really been inspired by you and your straight forward common sense approach. I have a long way to go, but one step at a time, one goal at a time, and with the knowledge from your books and video to help me I can get to where I want to be.
                       Michael, London, England

Very professionally done and with a very human touch. 
                        Kevin, Illinois

Your main message on diet and exercise come across clearly: Eat natural, low calorie, filling foods -- never be hungry -- but an emphasis on taste quality -- a low emphasis on supplements -- and a high intensity in workouts and aerobics. Congratulations, it's a first class video, with strong clear message for all types of "training folks." 
                          Roy, Australia

I bought a new VCR so I can watch your new video and I must tell you how interesting I find it. You are very strict and train hard and heavy, especially when you were squatting! Everything in your house, kitchen, gym and office is so big, nice and clean; it was very impressive to see all of this. Thousands of people will learn by looking at your video; I showed it to my neighbor.
                            Nils, Sweden

I purchased video for my brother's birthday.  He and I were both impressed by the quality and depth of information presented; it is a superb complement to your books!
                            Bill, UK

Truly a magnificent video archive. This was the best spent $39.95 in a long time.
                           Richard, San Antonio, Texas

I perked up when I saw you adding beans and vegetables to your meals. I'd read about it in your articles, but didn't know what you were doing exactly. Do now.


Comments on Second RIPPED DVD

I [watched] both DVDs and was glued to every minute. I have seen many videos and read many books on bodybuilding in the 20 years since I first began bodybuilding at 14, but have never been more inspired and informed than I am today.

Trevor, UK

The behind the scenes [photo] shoot was inspirational. If you can look that great at 65, I know I can improve as I am 20-some years your junior and previously thought it was too late for me.

Bob, Pittsburgh, PA

I like your "American" system of getting the most out of an exercise program with efficiency...not the method of spending hours on end spinning muscles. Your multi-joint exercise and the use of weights instead of machines is really the key.

Tommy, Hawaii

It was fantastic, and you looked great. The conversation-style format really works. I especially enjoyed the discussion on periodization, and coupling aerobic intensity with anaerobic. 

Tom, Boston, MA

It is an inspiring story. Since you explain and show exactly how to train and the rational behind everything, the program will help lots and lots of people. The amount and frequency of your training can be done by many people. It's not the usual hours per week and living on supplements or a very select group of foods and meals. The message comes through loud and clear: Done correctly as you describe, training at any age can give you an incredible sense of efficacy.

Dick, Blacksburg, VA 

Much better than the original. The shots of Clarence on the case are worth the cost of the video.

Bill, Columbia, MO

I just watches your first and second RIPPED videos, several times.  These are by far the most educational videos I have ever ordered--packed with information and health tips. I work in the fitness industry and try to stay up with the evolving field.... You are the only person I know who is in it for health. May the Ripped lifestyle continue forever!

Bart, Belgium

The DVD has definitely won the format war. If was a wise move to use it.

Louis, Brush Prairie, WA

Your new video is a terrific follow-up to number one. It's packed with useful and insightful information. I'm particularly interested in HIT techniques as it applies to a whole body workout. Your video is extremely helpful in this regard, especially when you speak about not going for the pump but rather hitting the fast twitch fibers.

Stuart, New York, NY

Conversation was clear and fun to listen to. Variety of training and structure was very well presented. Total body work was well explained and supported. Photo-shoot footage of you was exceptional. The side leg and one-arm biceps shots were outstanding. Your remark about "going from burning gas to oil" in discussion of aerobic exercise was a real grabber and will be long remembered.

Carl, Santa Fe, NM

Your latest video gave me a feeling like you were sitting right in front of me having a chat about diet and working out.

Scott, Taylorsville, UT

I really liked the parts were you answer questions about diet, training, your history etc etc.

Jim, Canada

As a person who made his livings communicating, I have to say your "get the message across" skills are just first rate. You come across as authoritative, serious (yet light hearted in candid clips), and someone who has a great belief in what he preaches, because it has been gleaned from decades of personal endeavor.

Roy, Australia

You have woven together a highly informative fitness/strength program, and you have done it well. You highlighted the important aspects of what is required for a total strength and  conditioning program. The interview format was excellent, except for being able to understand the Australian accent of interviewers at times. The men I've shown it to love it. Most women however believe it is too male oriented--especially the photo shoot. Also, you perked up my interest in using the rowing machine. Congratulations on the award you received from the Oldtime Barbell group, very well deserved.

Pat, Corvallis, OR

I've read all your books (most of them multiple times), but to see you actually progressing through your workout, along with your explanations, was priceless. It's easy to see that you thoroughly enjoy your workouts...which is, as you say, a must if it's to last a lifetime.

Colin, Everett, WA

The inclusion of the photo shoot process is most revealing. Again, your unpretentious personality comes through, and demonstrated that you are about substance, not flimsy flash.

Vince, AL

Feedback and Review on 3rd Ripped DVD: MOTIVATION

Greg Sushinsky reviews MOTIVATION DVD - Go Review

Reader Feedback

I finally had a chance to watch your third DVD last night, and I
loved it!  For someone like me who has been working out for over 25
years, I am less interested in instruction about form or technique at
this point and much more interested in motivational issues.  The beauty
of this video is that it focuses almost exclusively on the motivation.
(And I disagree with the criticism you have heard from some that it's
"too much about rowing" -- it's not about rowing, it's about motivation.
Rowing just happens to be the backdrop.)

I liked how the viewer got all three stories -- Wayne's, yours and
Tina's.  Wayne is a fascinating guy, low-key but incredibly driven.  He
obviously is genetically gifted.  Not many could advance as quickly as
he has in this field.  You can tell that this guy is strong just by how
his biceps fill out the sleeves of his t-shirt!  I like how he is able
to combine his lifting with his rowing in a way that does not give short
shrift to either.

Your story was a good reminder of how we must compete within ourselves.
I can see that it must have been hard for you to see your friend Wayne
as a Johnny-come-lately step into this sport and ease past you so
quickly.  It seems that your initial reaction was, "He must just be
working harder than me!"  But I doubt that was the case -- Wayne simply
has extraordinary genetic gifts, or so it would seem.

Tina is delightful, because she comes across as the more ordinary
"every-woman" type, and less intimidating to some than lifelong
"hardcores" like you and Wayne.  People see Tina, and they say, "If she
can do it, I can do it."

Dan, aka "Musclehead Law Professor"

You provided three excellent examples of how people can become and remain motivated even after decades of training--or for that matter no training experience. In the end it's really mastery. You have to excite and please yourself.

Richard, Blacksburg, Virginia

Using the rowing machine is like pulling for lifting in that the pull is initiated by the legs and ends using the back and arms. The basic concept I like is that you are competing against yourself and you have to expect improvement. A non-athlete like Tina finding something she can do well bringing her out of her shell tells a story in itself. 


Quite a story about Wayne's rowing progress and that he trains with weights more than his competition. I'm really impressed with Tina. Wow did she work hard at the Tabatas. To think that she had hardly any experience with sports prior to her interest in rowing is quite amazing. 

Dan, Nevada

I just started rowing on the Concept 2 rower at the gym a couple of weeks ago and I enjoy it much more than a stationary bike or elliptical machine.

Bernie, Columbia, MO

Two Thumbs up. My girlfriend watched the DVD with me and I think enjoyed it every bit as much as I did. She runs track workouts with her running club and was able to relate to the intensity and drive you, Wayne and Tina demonstrated. Wayne was especially brave going for a 500m PR in front of the camera. You sure looked strong setting that 200m PR--after coming off the seat. Nice job all around.

RJ, Santa Rosa, CA


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